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Greenhouse Aquaponics

If you’ve been exploring our blog you’ve probably figured out by now that much of what this blog will be about is on hold until we begin construction on our new home.  We intend to get the house built first but then shortly after that we hope to add a greenhouse that allows us to extend the growing season but will also serve as a year round growing facility for aquaponics (tilapia and various vegetables including tomatoes, squash, zucchini, romaine lettuce and strawberries).  For those not familiar with greenhouse aquaponics, it’s much like hydroponics but uses fish to maintain the health and nutrients of the water instead of chemical additives.  Continue reading Greenhouse Aquaponics

Raising Chickens

Raising chickens is something my wife and I have wanted to do for quite some time but our current neighborhood has a no chicken policy in the covenants.  We were first introduced to the idea of raising chickens by two different co-workers and friends of mine back around 2008.  Both of them were raising chickens in their backyards and taught us a little about the basics of raising chickens.  Our interest was heighten this summer when we visited my sister in VA.  My sister’s family raises chickens in their backyard and our kids got to spend some time interacting with them.  It seems like everywhere we go we bump into people raising their own chickens or selling custom chicken coops.  Even Williams Sonoma sells chicken coops now! Continue reading Raising Chickens

Square Foot Gardening in Georgia

I have been gardening for many years now but I distinctly remember my first experience gardening. I always suspected I would enjoy gardening but at that time I had no hands on experience and felt extremely intimidated. I happened across a book called Square Foot Gardening. This one book turned me into a successful gardener that very first growing season! Continue reading Square Foot Gardening in Georgia

Purchasing land – our story

My wife and I have always dreamed of purchasing land (2 or 3 acres of private, beautiful land was our goal) but the land we could afford was either way out in the boonies or not ideal.  For example, we found a 3 acre plot in 2011 that we loved at first sight but once we got our hands on the plat information we discovered that the majority of the lot’s land was in a flood plain.  The land was affordable and it was the last lot available in a built out large-estate-lots neighborhood but it was the last lot available for a reason.  The old adage…”if it seems too good to be true”..was right on.  We eventually abandoned the idea of purchasing that lot and went back to enjoying life on our fifth of an acre lot. Continue reading Purchasing land – our story