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We selected a surveyor: TerraMark Land Surveying

When we purchased our lot we were provided with the plat information, elevation information, and other survey type information so I wasn’t sure if we would need a surveyor for our construction project.  After reviewing the requirements specified by the Homeowner’s Association it was clear we were going to need some help to produce the required documentation.  Beyond needing to submit the floor plans, exterior elevations, and examples of the materials we will be using, we also have to submit documentation related to the survey of the land, including: Continue reading We selected a surveyor: TerraMark Land Surveying

Purchasing land – our story

My wife and I have always dreamed of purchasing land (2 or 3 acres of private, beautiful land was our goal) but the land we could afford was either way out in the boonies or not ideal.  For example, we found a 3 acre plot in 2011 that we loved at first sight but once we got our hands on the plat information we discovered that the majority of the lot’s land was in a flood plain.  The land was affordable and it was the last lot available in a built out large-estate-lots neighborhood but it was the last lot available for a reason.  The old adage…”if it seems too good to be true”..was right on.  We eventually abandoned the idea of purchasing that lot and went back to enjoying life on our fifth of an acre lot. Continue reading Purchasing land – our story

Home Designer Architectural 2012 Review and Screenshots

Shortly after we closed on our land purchase we began dreaming about what our future home might look like.  We tried sketching out plans on paper and we tried some free online options but we usually just ended up frustrated and irritable after a short session of working on our new home design.

I finally decided we should consider investing some money in a decent home design application for our computer.  I did the research, starting with Continue reading Home Designer Architectural 2012 Review and Screenshots