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Farmhouse Dream Kitchen

As many of you know from our “Designing Kitchen and Cabinet Layouts” post, our whole house was designed around Bethany’s dream kitchen.  While we made every effort to save money on other areas of the house, we were much less frugal when it came to the kitchen.  Because we are so thrilled with both the aesthetic and functional results,  I wanted to take the time to share  pictures and explain in detail why Bethany loves her dream kitchen design so much!

This kitchen design is not one that happened by accident.  Bethany slaved over the design for many months and mocked up every version and every detail using Home Designer Architectural software.  Here is a screenshot Bethany took using the software and then what the kitchen looks like now in real life:

Picture showing Bethany's kitchen design in Chief Architect's Home Design software and then the final real life kitchen - its AMAZING how similar they look!
Picture showing Bethany’s dream kitchen design in Chief Architect’s Home Design software and then the final real life kitchen – it’s AMAZING how similar they look!

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Direct Vent Fireplace

Our family has always enjoyed hanging out in the family room, gathered around the fireplace.  We have always had gas fireplaces but we considered having a traditional fireplace in the new house.  In fact, I was hoping to have a traditional wood-burning fireplace so we could take advantage of all the free firewood we have on the property.  For a variety of reasons, we ended up deciding on installing a direct vent fireplace.  Three of the main reasons for this decision were: Continue reading Direct Vent Fireplace

Designing Kitchen and Cabinet Layouts

When we first set out to design a custom home we knew the kitchen would be a focal point of the whole design and that the layout and design of the kitchen would receive our highest attention to detail.   One of Bethany’s favorite things to do is prepare meals for our family and experiment with new recipes in the kitchen.  For our family the kitchen has become one of the primary hangouts to talk, play games, and work on school.  We wanted a design that would provide the storage space, convenience, and amenities of a 5-star kitchen but we also wanted the kitchen to be open, spacious, and an extension of the family and dining areas. Continue reading Designing Kitchen and Cabinet Layouts

Visit to Sub-Zero and Wolf Showroom

All I can say is WOW.

Last month my husband and I had the opportunity to attend a product demonstration at the Sub-Zero and Wolf Showroom in Atlanta.  We were expecting to see the products.  We were expecting to taste food samples.  What we actually experienced FAR exceeded these expectations.  We enjoyed a fun-filled evening of wine, fine dining, and a top-notch cooking demonstration with Wolf’s talented and personable chef, George. Continue reading Visit to Sub-Zero and Wolf Showroom