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Paper Pizza Prank – Your kids will love this!

Let me set up the story first and then I’ll explain the pizza prank.   Back when we only had three kids we used to frequently do homemade pizza nights.  We would spread out the dough and pizza sauce and then divide the pizza into sections using cheese for lines. Continue reading Paper Pizza Prank – Your kids will love this!

Explode the Code

When people ask if I can recommend curriculum for teaching children to read, I always mention the Explode the Code series. Explode the Code is a sequential approach to teaching phonics. I used this series as a major component in teaching all of my school-age children to read. There is a pre-reading series that I highly recommend completing before starting with book 1 of Explode the Code. You may notice that some books have “1/2” increments. These books provide further practice at a level if you feel your student has not fully mastered a level. For example, buy Book 2 1/2 if your student needs more reinforcement of book 2 skills. Continue reading Explode the Code

Classic Starts (Classic Literature for Kids)

Classic literature is a foundational element of any good homeschooling regimen.  However, many elementary school students are not prepared to devour the classics in their entirety.  That is precisely  why I was thrilled to discover the “Classic Starts” series published by Sterling Publishing Company.  This is an excellent product at an excellent price.  I love these books because they have exposed my children to some wonderful literature without tapping into their reading frustration levels.  I highly recommend this series.  Continue reading Classic Starts (Classic Literature for Kids)

Integrity-The Courage to Meet the Demands of Reality

I have been reading “Integrity – The Courage to Meet the Demands of Reality” by Dr. Henry Cloud (the same guy who wrote “Boundaries”).  I still have a ways to go but I thought I would start posting some of my notes here in case anyone is interested.  The notes were originally written for me as “memory helpers” so they my seem a little scatter-brained or overly summarized…but if you take your time and think about each topic there is a wealth of wisdom in much of what Dr Cloud has to say.  If you would like more meat I would encourage you to purchase his book. Continue reading Integrity-The Courage to Meet the Demands of Reality