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The Emery Fit Program

I have been slowly developing a gut for many years….the first time I realized I had a problem was while flipping through some photos from a vacation to Mexico back in 2004. I wish I could say I took immediate action and got back in shape but I’ve pretty much added a pound or two every year since. Sure, I’ve tried dieting. Over the last 10 years I have collected 21 different sets of my “before” pictures for Body for Life, P90X, and others…..but, so far, no “after” photos. I have tried the Atkins Diet, the Hallelujah Diet, the Abs Diet, and a dozen others, but I was not successful with any of them.  They were either too complicated, there was no variety in the foods, the foods were too limiting, or they required more discipline than I could muster up.

There is only one time I experienced both significant and lasting results – The Emery Fit program. I only stuck with it for a short time but I managed to lose 17 pounds and it took about a year to put it all back on (instead of the typical 2 weeks). I only made it about a third of the way to my goal weight and then things got crazy at work and I abandoned the program. Continue reading The Emery Fit Program

Crown Athletics Cross Country – Mileage Tracker

2012 was our first year participating in the Crown Athletics Cross Country team.  We were thoroughly impressed with the coaches, the runners, the parents, and the entire experience.  My oldest daughter ran last year but our plan is for all four of our older kids to participate in the 2013 season.  The head Coach (Howard Brummel) ended the season by requesting that all of the kids log their running hours during the off-season so they will be prepared for a successful 2013 season (and so they can stay healthy and fit through the winter).  To help my kids meet this goal we have decided to start running together as a family. Continue reading Crown Athletics Cross Country – Mileage Tracker