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True Food Kitchen: Too Amazing Not to Share

Because I am a clean eating enthusiast and an unapologetic foodie, I am constantly on the prowl for spectacular cuisine that doesn’t break my clean eating boundaries. My goodness, did I find a treasure when I discovered True Food Kitchen in the Buckhead area of Atlanta! This place develops its menus on the research and recipes of nutritionist Andrew Weil, M.D. The goal is to nourish with anti-inflammatory meals that taste amazing at the same time. Like I have been telling my friends, clean eating does not have to be boring – and True Food Kitchen proves that!  There’s something for every palate including Continue reading True Food Kitchen: Too Amazing Not to Share

Early Harvest Salad

This Early Harvest Salad was a perfect addition to our Mother’s Day celebration. There’s nothing like eating a freshly picked salad 10 minutes after it was growing in the soil!  This salad was kindly harvested from the garden by Anthony for an extra special Mother’s Day treat. Sometimes the best salads are the ones where you head to the garden and collect a little of this and a little of that – whatever looks fresh and appetizing.  Such was the case with this salad. Continue reading Early Harvest Salad

Ladyslipper Saturday Morning Class – Hans Rueffert

A couple of weeks ago we wrote a post about a class we attended at Ladyslipper Rare Plant Nursery taught by Farmer’s Organic.  Yesterday we had the privilege to attend another class, this time led by the renowned Hans Rueffert.  Hans is the chef and owner of Woodbridge Inn in Jasper, GA.   Hans comes with a list of credentials including appearing on Next Food Network Star, CNN, and The Doctors.  The biggest reason this chef has my ear, however, is his triumph over aggressive cancer.  This man was given a 2%  chance of survival and was told on several occasions that he would not live beyond 24 more hours. Hans emphasizes food quality above food quantity and approaches his meals with a different twist on carpe diem – “Eat like there’s no tomorrow.”  Something to think about! Continue reading Ladyslipper Saturday Morning Class – Hans Rueffert

The Emery Fit Program

I have been slowly developing a gut for many years….the first time I realized I had a problem was while flipping through some photos from a vacation to Mexico back in 2004. I wish I could say I took immediate action and got back in shape but I’ve pretty much added a pound or two every year since. Sure, I’ve tried dieting. Over the last 10 years I have collected 21 different sets of my “before” pictures for Body for Life, P90X, and others…..but, so far, no “after” photos. I have tried the Atkins Diet, the Hallelujah Diet, the Abs Diet, and a dozen others, but I was not successful with any of them.  They were either too complicated, there was no variety in the foods, the foods were too limiting, or they required more discipline than I could muster up.

There is only one time I experienced both significant and lasting results – The Emery Fit program. I only stuck with it for a short time but I managed to lose 17 pounds and it took about a year to put it all back on (instead of the typical 2 weeks). I only made it about a third of the way to my goal weight and then things got crazy at work and I abandoned the program. Continue reading The Emery Fit Program

ColdLife Organics

ColdLife Organics is a weekly delivery service that delivers fresh organic produce to your home or office in the Atlanta area.  They also offer a variety of dairy, grains, and pantry items.  We recently had the opportunity to sample a complementary box of their fresh produce when we visited the Sub-Zero/Wolf Showroom last month. Take a look at what we received, and then drool over what we did with it! Continue reading ColdLife Organics