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Lesson 007 – Rescued versus Redeemed

Several years ago I was introduced to JJ Heller while listening to K-LOVE radio on the drive to a project in Indianapolis.  We don’t have a K-LOVE station in Atlanta so I was hearing lots of new Christian music every week as I made the commute from the airport to the client’s building in Fisher, IN.  The first time I heard JJ Heller was the song “Your Hands” and I knew right away I had discovered a new favorite artist.  Since that time I have pre-ordered all of her albums and recently downloaded her new album “Loved“.  I enjoyed all of the songs on the “Loved” album and a couple of them have made their way to my favorite’s list but one song in particular struck a chord with me and has been consuming my thought time in the car and as I drift away to sleep each night. Continue reading Lesson 007 – Rescued versus Redeemed

Cherokee Tribune – Front Page Story Mother’s Day 2013

I was so proud of Bethany this Mother’s Day…not that I’m not always proud of her but this Mother’s Day she received a special honor. Bethany was featured on the front page of the Cherokee Tribune newspaper in an article titled “Motherhood is ultimate responsibility, mom says”.  The article is still available online at this link:–mom-says.  Bethany was recommended for the article by the real-estate agent that helped us purchase our land and who is also in the process of helping us sell our current home.  The article is based on a five minute conversation she had with a reporter from the Cherokee Tribune and is brief and to the point but overall did a good job of describing Bethany and our family.  I thought it was cool that the Cherokee Tribune thought to do an article like this.  Moms so frequently perform the hardest job on the planet day after day with no recognition from anyone.  I really enjoyed seeing my wife honored this way and hope it helped her to know how much who she is and what she does is appreciated! Continue reading Cherokee Tribune – Front Page Story Mother’s Day 2013

Teenage Affluenza

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted to this blog but my wife sent me this YouTube video regarding “Teenage Affluenza” and I thought it was worth sharing.

I find the video especially concerning since I have five kids, one of which is already a teenager and another that will be later this year (that and we have heated seats in our van…not a good sign).  I am stuck in that position of wanting to bless my kids with a “good life” but simultaneously not wanting to promote “teenage affluenza”.  What’s a dad to do? Continue reading Teenage Affluenza

Lesson 006 – “Not Bad” versus “Good”

I realized while I was traveling for business this week and thinking about my family that my kids have fallen for a common trap that frequently derails people from their best future.  The phrase I frequently hear lately is “Not bad”.  Let me give you some examples of not bad versus good,

Why can’t we listen to that song…it’s “Not Bad“!
Why can’t we watch that movie..its “Not Bad“!
The problem with “Not Bad” is that it is not the same as “GoodContinue reading Lesson 006 – “Not Bad” versus “Good”

Lesson 005 – SMART Goals (Worksheet can be downloaded at the bottom of this post)

Tonight I am going to be teaching the kids about “SMART” goals. There are many variations for the SMART goals acronym but I plan to use the version I am most familiar with:
S = Specific
M = Measurable
A = Attainable
R = Relevant
T = Time-Bound Continue reading Lesson 005 – SMART Goals (Worksheet can be downloaded at the bottom of this post)

Lesson 004 – Bare Necessities

This weeks life lesson comes from page 27 of the book “10-Minute Life Lessons for Kids”.

This lesson is basically a lesson in “what is really important”.  According to the author, it will “help you talk with your family about establishing priorities with your time, your focus, and your finances.  It will also help you discuss making wise choices and creating balance in life.” Continue reading Lesson 004 – Bare Necessities

Lesson 003 – Switch Tasking (or Multitasking) is Worse than a Lie

Today’s lesson is in response to me witnessing how many interruptions my wife currently tolerates during a typical day of homeschool.  I don’t know how she keeps from going crazy and based on a book I read this week I think there might be a better way.

The book was given to me by my last project manager and it’s called “The Myth of Multitasking” (How “Doing it All” gets Nothing done). Continue reading Lesson 003 – Switch Tasking (or Multitasking) is Worse than a Lie

Lesson 002 – Pleasant Words

We have officially started up “Shabbat” or the Sabbath (our day of rest).  Our family refers to it as Shabbat which is the Jewish word for “rest” or “cessation”.  I will probably do a “Life Lesson” on Shabbat but I have decided to focus on some memory verses/quotes regarding pleasant words  for this week.  Below is a list of verses that have to do with kind words or pleasant words.  I am going to discuss the importance of pleasant words, review these verses and then assign one verse to each person in the family to memorize and repeat at the next Shabbat: Continue reading Lesson 002 – Pleasant Words