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What Is Our “Christian” Responsibility to Haiti?

A woman rescued from the rubble in Haiti

When you first heard about the recent calamity in Haiti, what was your initial response? Was it sadness, depression, pity, compassion, or grief? How long did that emotion stay with you?

As you continue to hear about the chaos and depravity in Haiti, has it already become old news to you? Do you change the station for the promise of a possible new tragedy or celebrity mishap to offer you some sort of entertainment? Do you hear the fundraisers and pleas for resources and quickly dismiss them because you think that someone wealthier or more powerful than you is in more of a position to help?

Most of us have a natural tendency to assume some one else will take care of it. But, as Christians, those “someone elses” are supposed to be US!  Reflect with me on the following: Continue reading What Is Our “Christian” Responsibility to Haiti?

What’s on Bethany’s mind: What does God “highly esteem”?

SuccessI came across this in my reading today, and the second part of the verse really jumped out at me.

Luke 16:15  And he said unto them, Ye are they which justify yourselves before men; but God knoweth your hearts: for that which is highly esteemed among men is an abomination in the sight of God.

So what do you all think “for that which is highly esteemed among men” is referring to?  Continue reading What’s on Bethany’s mind: What does God “highly esteem”?

Contrast: Nidal Hasan vs Pervaiz Masih

I was doing my routine scan of today’s headlines and stumbled across a video on CNN that I think is the ultimate contrast to the recent events at Fort Hood.  Instead of a wealthy, educated, Jihadist targeting non-Muslims, this story is about a poor, illiterate, Christian saving Muslims – both died living out their faith.  Not sure if it fits in with the other content on this site but I thought it was worth passing on: Continue reading Contrast: Nidal Hasan vs Pervaiz Masih

One Hypocrite, Coming Right Up!

(Disclaimer:  For the purposes of this post, I will be making an analogy between a vegetarian hypocrite and a Christian hypocrite.  I in no way mean to imply that vegetarianism equates to Christianity, or that carnivores are carnal.  I am merely trying to draw a parallel between those who are inconsistent in beliefs and behavior.)

I heard about a new kind of sandwich the other day that truly intrigues me.  It is served by a burger joint called “Fatburgers”, and  is apparently a frequently requested order by some of the regulars.  The main two components of the sandwich are a veggie-based burger and . . .  bacon.  That’s right, bacon! It is no wonder the sandwich is affectionately dubbed “The Hypocrite” by all who order it. Continue reading One Hypocrite, Coming Right Up!

Decision Making Flowchart

I know, I know, you have been eagerly anticipating the media flowchart follow-up post.   Well, here it is.  Below you will find my Decision Making Flowchart…a broad approach to making any life decision.  This post is in response to a previous thread…start HERE if you would like the background leading up to this post. Continue reading Decision Making Flowchart

Media (and the evil flowchart request :-)

Prior to creating this blog I had an email exchange with a couple friends of mine that I thought might be worth sharing.  Here is my original email:

Bethany and I have been very careful with the media that we bring into our house. We haven’t had cable or satellite TV since Haven was born, we have been careful what DVDs we rent, and we try to live by the policy of “if its not good for our kids to see than its probably not good for us to see” (although we have broken that principal many times). However, when it comes to video games the only thing I have really limited from my kids is first-person-shooters. This weekend I was sitting in my office and Noble was playing a game of BFME with Canaan. He was saying things like:

I’m going to send my Nazgul to kill you

I’m going to use my wizard’s magic powers to destroy your armies

My trolls are more powerful than your goblins. Continue reading Media (and the evil flowchart request 🙂