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We are all moved in and enjoying our new home but haven’t found much time for blogging the last few months.  Our commitment was to blog the entire process so I decided to go ahead and knock out one more blog post this weekend.  In this post are the pictures of the bathroom vanities and links to the instructions to build the vanities yourself.  We saved an amazing amount of money by building some of our own vanities.  If you like a farmhouse or rustic style then I highly recommend these homemade vanities as an alternative to expensive manufactured vanities. 

I have to confess that I lacked the confidence to build all the vanities myself.  Bethany talked me into building the vanities for the powder room and guest bathroom, but all of the other bathroom vanities were either custom built (Joe Gavalas of Marilynn Enterprises) or semi-custom manufactured vanities. Joe’s cabinets are beautiful, just like the custom kitchen cabinets he built for us.

This is what the semi-custom manufactured vanities in the kid’s rooms look like:

Girl's Bathroom Vanity
Girl’s Bathroom Vanity

Here are some pictures of the Master Bedroom vanities (custom built by Joe Gavalas of Marilynn Enterprises):

Master Bedroom Vanities – There is another matching vanity and towers just like this set on the other side of the bathroom
The matching vanities are positioned on either side of the cast iron tub
Bethany found these awesome hammered nickel sinks on Amazon…click on the picture to learn more
The drawers in the center vanity have outlets inside of them so things that charge, like electric razors, can be charged in the closed drawers and not have to be setting out all the time when charging
The towel towers have pull out laundry hampers
The towel towers also have pull out garbage cans

Wholesteading-com_Bathroom_Vanities015Wholesteading-com_Bathroom_Vanities012 Wholesteading-com_Bathroom_Vanities013 Wholesteading-com_Bathroom_Vanities017The remaining two vanities were homemade.  I had Bethany sketch on paper what she had in mind and then I mocked the designs up in SketchUp.  I picked up the wood from Lowe’s and then built them in the garage of the rental we were living in while our house was being built.

Here are some pictures of the guest room vanity:

The guest room vanity is made out of pine boards I picked up from Lowe’s
Bethany found the sink for this vanity on Amazon…click on the picture to learn more

The Guest Bathroom vanity is almost exactly the same as the Powder Room vanity…just longer and we selected a different sink:


Wholesteading-com_Bathroom_Vanities027The complete instructions for building the Powder Room Vanity and the Guest Room Vanity can be found HERE.

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