Direct Vent Fireplace

Our family has always enjoyed hanging out in the family room, gathered around the fireplace.  We have always had gas fireplaces but we considered having a traditional fireplace in the new house.  In fact, I was hoping to have a traditional wood-burning fireplace so we could take advantage of all the free firewood we have on the property.  For a variety of reasons, we ended up deciding on installing a direct vent fireplace.  Three of the main reasons for this decision were:

  1. The location of the fireplace is over the daylight basement doors and a traditional fireplace with a chimney would require the bricks to go all the way to the ground level.  The chimney would have blocked 2 of the basement french doors and reduced the natural light in the basement.
  2. Indoor air quality is important to us and one of the benefits of a direct vent fireplace is that the heat stays inside but the bad air goes outside.
  3. The direct vent fireplace can be turned on with the flick of a switch.  It’s pretty awesome to decide you would like a fire and then have one going two seconds later.

The direct vent fireplace we decided to install is produced by Majestic and is the Onyx model.  You can read all about it HERE.

Here are some pictures of the fireplace installed in our family room:

The Onyx direct vent fireplace is the focal point of the family room.
The light above the fireplace is to highlight the future artwork that will be hanging above the mantel. The cabinet has a TV inside but we plan to hang a painting made by our daughter Haven in front of the cabinet when not in use.
The Onyx fireplace can be turned on by flipping a “light” switch on the wall on the side of the fireplace surround.
The mantel is stained with Minwax Ebony and distressed by Bethany to give it a more rustic appearance.

Dal_Tile_Silver_Screen_Split_Face_Marble_Fireplace_SurroundThe marble surround is sold by Daltile and is called “Silver Screen (Split Face) M744“.

If you have any questions about the fireplace or the surround, just leave a reply and we will do our best to provide you any specifics requested.

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  1. Nice post! I learned a lot about direct vent fireplaces by reading this post! Thank you for explaining that “The direct vent fireplace can be turned on with the flick of a switch. It’s pretty awesome to decide you would like a fire and then have one going two seconds later.” I have never had a direct vent fireplace before but I can imagine how helpful it can be to stay warm with one.

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