Best Brown Sugar Muffins

After playing with ingredients and ratios, I think I have come up with the best brown sugar muffins ever!  These are so quick to throw together, and the result is a moist treat that is yummy any time  of the day.  I have scaled this to make 24 muffins at one time so that we can eat twelve  immediately and freeze twelve for later. You won’t be disappointed with this recipe!

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Direct Vent Fireplace

Our family has always enjoyed hanging out in the family room, gathered around the fireplace.  We have always had gas fireplaces but we considered having a traditional fireplace in the new house.  In fact, I was hoping to have a traditional wood-burning fireplace so we could take advantage of all the free firewood we have on the property.  For a variety of reasons, we ended up deciding on installing a direct vent fireplace.  Three of the main reasons for this decision were: Continue reading Direct Vent Fireplace

Gutters and Downspouts

It has been a long time since our last post!  We are actually already living in the house….I’m sitting on the couch in the living room writing this post.  We got busy moving in and enjoying the house but it is still our goal to blog the entire process of building a custom home.  This post will be short but it is an important element of a house and should not be overlooked.  Gutters and downspouts can be an eye sore but they do help protect your home from water damage by collecting and directing rain water away from the structure and foundation of the house.  Thanks to rain chains and a wide variety of colors and attractive styles, gutters can actually add to your home’s appearance. Continue reading Gutters and Downspouts