Interior Trim and Doors

Wow!  I can’t believe what a difference interior trim and doors make!  I was looking forward to seeing the interior doors hung and I knew it would be cool to see the trim installed but I didn’t realize all the details Bethany had planned for the trim.  For example, she planned for the entire family room area to be covered in shiplap.  She also requested beams to be placed on the ceilings in the dining room, main living areas, and the master bedroom.  Even the doors are not the “normal” doors I’m used to seeing in most houses.  For the doors she picked out a five panel farmhouse style door in keeping with the look of the rest of the house.  Here are some pictures of the interior trim and doors…let us know what you think!

Five Panel Farmhouse Door
Five Panel Farmhouse Door
The doors are made of solid Pine
The doors are made of solid Pine
Shiplap going up in the family room
Trim going up in the dining room area
Front door installed and trimmed out
Family Room and Dining Room Trim…really starting to come together!

Beams on the family room ceiling and fireplace starting to be trimmed out
Beams going up in the Master Bedroom

Check back soon for more pics!  Things are really moving now…we are supposed to be moving in about 4 weeks from now.  The final grading is happening now and painting is starting next week!

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