Fiber Cement Siding and Bricks Installed

This was an exciting couple weeks at the build site!  If you have been following along with our blog then you know the framing is done, the roof shingles are on, and some of the interior tasks are complete (like installing HVAC, plumbing, and electric).  Even after all that, the house still looked very rough.  This is the first week it really started to look like the home we envisioned! The fiber cement siding and bricks really make a big difference!

Here are some pictures of the installation of the Cemplank Fiber Cement Siding after being installed on the house:

Siding Installed!
Siding going on the garage
Siding going on the garage
Siding on the back of the house
Siding on the back of the house

The brick was delivered and installed right after the siding.  Bethany originally found the brick we selected on a house in Alpharetta, GA. We didn’t know what it was called but the builder’s brick supplier was able to identify and provide it for our project. It’s manufactured by Hanson Brick and is part of their Carolina collection. The exact brick is called Hanson Stonehaven. If you are interested in using this brick for your own project you can learn more about it HERE.

Bricks delivered!
Wholesteading-com_Bricks Installed
Hanson Stonehaven Brick Installed
Wholesteading-com_Siding and Brick Installed
Picture of the house with both the siding and the brick installed
Siding and Brick Installed
Siding and Brick Installed

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