Rough HVAC Ducts and Furnace

The rough HVAC system was put in last week!  There will be more components to the system installed later in the build but the duct-work and furnaces are installed.  There are many great Air Conditioning brands but we decided to go with Lennox based on our own research and the advice of the builder.

Here are some pictures of the installed ducts and furnaces:

Upstairs Ductwork
Upstairs Ducts and Vents
The basement Lennox Furnace and Air Handler
Lennox Furnace and Air Handler

I know some of these posts are not super exciting but we are trying to document all of the steps involved in building a custom home.  To view a list of all the steps visit our Building Our Dream Home page.  Some of the more exciting steps are approaching…hardwood floors, kitchen cabinets, etc.

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