Framing Almost Completed!

The last few weeks of construction have been so much fun to watch. This post was a blast to make since it includes a time-lapse video of the framing process, from bare ground to a fully framed house!

Before I get to the video, here are few pictures of the process:

2014_12_17 - Construction Photos 0405
View of Basement Walls and First Floor Joists
2014_12_17 - Construction Photos 01
First Floor – Floor Joists are installed
2014_12_20 - Construction Photos 0416
Walls are framed and positioned upright on the main floor
2014_12_20 - Construction Photos 0427
Harvest enjoying a left-over clump of concrete spilled during the pouring of the basement
2014_12_23 - Construction Photos 0444
The dining room walls and windows are framed…no roof yet
2015_01_06 - Construction Photos 0557
The front porch roof is framed but the deck won’t be installed until after the main house framing is completed
2015_01_06 - Construction Photos 0559
Picture of the house from the rear about half-way through framing process
2015_01_10 - Construction Photos 0574
View of the house from the drive into the neighborhood
2015_01_10 - Construction Photos 0604
Haven enjoying the view from the rear window in the room above the garage
2015_01_10 - Construction Photos 0612
The stairs in the main entry way are in! We are finally able to check out the upstairs with the kids!
2015_01_10 - Construction Photos 0613
Mannah posing in the center window of the future dining room…and the roof is on now
2015_01_10 - Construction Photos 0617
View of the house from the side with the daylight basement
2015_01_10 - Framing Complete
View of the house from our neighbor’s home. Framing is pretty much done…still need a cupola, front porch, rear porches, and decks but you can see the full shape of the house now

Now for the video…please let me know if you enjoyed this video.  Haven did most of the editing and the background music is dedicated to my father-in-law (Pe-pa)…nevermind, had to change the background music because Flight of the Bumblebee is still copyright protected:

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    1. Kara, Thanks for leaving a comment…glad to hear you love the design! The main roof is 10/12 and the metal roof over the front porch is 4/12. Let me know if you have any other questions, Anthony

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