Basement Footings

Yesterday the basement footings were poured!  For those that don’t know, the first step after excavation is laying a shallow foundation for the basement.  The basement walls sit on what is commonly referred to as the “footings”.  After the rough grading and excavation is complete, some wood forms are assembled on the ground to contain the concrete when it is poured into place.  Continue reading Basement Footings

Install Water Meter and Electric Service

This post is another in a series of posts covering the entire construction process of our custom home from start to finish.  We recently applied for building and septic permits and were given permission to install the water meter and electric service.  There is not a lot to write about but I don’t want to leave out any of the important milestones in the building process.  Here are some pictures of the utilities setup and ready for construction to begin: Continue reading Install Water Meter and Electric Service

Basement Excavation

If you saw the Clearing and Rough Grading post then you know we have broken ground and things are moving quickly now.  After the grading finished it was time for the basement excavation.  Our whole family enjoyed seeing the hillside transform into a pad for the garage and a large pit for the basement.  Our house plans and landscape plans call for a garage parking pad on the left side of the house, a daylight basement on the right side of the house, and direct access to the backyard from the rear of the house.  When you see the pictures below that should help you make some sense out of what you are seeing. Continue reading Basement Excavation

Clearing and Rough Grading

This is one of the first super exciting steps in the construction process!  We have been planning and applying and waiting for several years now and this was the first step where it was obvious things are really moving. There is not a lot to explain regarding clearing and rough grading so I will keep this short and let the pictures do the talking.  The purpose of clearing and rough grading is to prepare the build site for construction.  Preparing includes: Continue reading Clearing and Rough Grading

Septic Permit

As we were planning and preparing to begin construction we decided to get a head start on applying for a septic permit so we would have less surprises later in the construction process.  Our lot has all utilities provided at the street except sewer so we knew a septic system would be required.  In fact, as part of the due diligence process we paid for a level 3 soil study and as we neared building we dug some test pits to help determine the best location for the septic drain field. Continue reading Septic Permit

PMP Mindmap for PMBOK 5th Edition

I passed!  I have been putting off getting my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification for years and finally decided this was the year to get it done! The company I work for is strongly encouraging employees to get this certification and they recently sent me to a PMP Bootcamp.  I thought the PMP Bootcamp was good but I left feeling like I had a lot of gaps in my knowledge.  I ended up doing three basic things to prepare for and pass the PMP exam: Continue reading PMP Mindmap for PMBOK 5th Edition

Construction Loan Closed!

Its been a long time since our last post on building our dream home! The last post we made was regarding our Master Landscape Plan and was posted back in mid May.

Rental House we moved into after closing on our construction loan
Temporary Rental Home

Since that time we have:

  • moved out of our old home and into a rental house,
  • we got our plans approved by the HOA,
  • we finalized everything with the builder and signed the builder contract,
  • and we worked on getting approval for the construction loan.

On October 17th we closed on the construction loan and were given the green light to begin construction!

For those that are following our build process and would like to have a little more detail on securing a construction loan just keep reading.  Continue reading Construction Loan Closed!