Paper Pizza Prank – Your kids will love this!

Let me set up the story first and then I’ll explain the pizza prank.   Back when we only had three kids we used to frequently do homemade pizza nights.  We would spread out the dough and pizza sauce and then divide the pizza into sections using cheese for lines.

01 - We would divide the pizza into sections using cheese

Each person would create their own unique section with the toppings of their choice.

02 - Each person would create their own unique sectionOur kids loved this and would wait and watch the pizza baking, eagerly anticipating their custom slice of pizza.

03 - The girls waiting for the pizza to bakeThe pizza is ready!

04 - The pizza is almost readyYeah!

05 - Its time to take the pizza out of the ovenCanaan was too young to eat pizza but he still enjoyed the experience.

06 - Canaan wanted to get in on the actionTime to enjoy the homemade pizza!

07 - Time to enjoy the pizzaHere is what a typical homemade pizza looked like fresh out of the oven:

08 - Our homemade family pizzaOk, so this is where the story gets interesting! Bethany had decided to do a homeschool unit themed around pizza.  One of the books she selected was Pete’s a Pizza:

The kids loved the book and we had fun talking about what happened to Pete in the story.  Bethany decided it would be fun for the kids to make paper pizzas out of construction paper.  This is where the idea for the prank evolved.

09 - Bethanys homeschool unit on pizzaHere are the steps to recreate this prank for your own children.  First, we helped our kids make circle shaped construction paper pizzas.

10 - Mannahs Construction Paper Pizza11 - Havens Construction Paper PizzaThen we put the pizzas in the oven while it was still turned off.  We told the kids they needed to take baths and get ready for bed while the pizzas baked.  While they were busy getting ready for bed we replaced the pizzas in the oven with Tostino’s Pizzas and hid the paper pizzas.

TotinosPizzaWhen the girls returned in their pajamas and peeked in the oven to watch the paper pizzas cooking they noticed that they looked real!

14 - So Confused - How did the paper pizzas turn into real pizzaThey were both so excited to eat their “paper” pizzas.

15 - Haven is excited about her pizzaMannah kept questioning, “Are you sure this was the paper pizza?”

18 - R U sure this was the paper pizza

This was only the beginning of the practical joke.  When we finished eating I cut up the left over pizza into slices and placed the slices into plastic baggies.  The girls watched me put them in the fridge and then we proceeded to clean up the kitchen.  When they weren’t looking I replaced the real pizza slices with the paper pizza slices.

20 - Leftover pizza turned back into paper in the fridgeI asked Mannah to get something out of the fridge for me and when she opened the door and saw that the real pizza had turned back into paper pizza she was freaking out.

21 - Mannah explaining to Haven what happenedShe kept saying “That’s impossible!” “How did this happen!” “I just can’t figure it out!” (I’m still not sure why they thought paper pizzas turning into real pizza was not that unusual but changing back into paper was a real miracle)

22 - Mannah just cant figure it outI didn’t want my girls to go crazy so I let them in on the secret.

23 - The girls just found out what Daddy didThey both thought it was a great trick!

24 - Mannah thought it was a great trickIf you know someone who might enjoy doing this with their kids please take a minute and share this post with them!

If you try it yourself please leave a reply and tell us how it goes!

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