The Ultimate Dad – A Father’s Day Tribute

If you have gone to the movies or watched television in the last decade or so,  you may have noticed a disheartening trend in the way the modern day dad is portrayed.  Often the father figure is subtly (or not so subtly) represented as detached, aloof, clueless, lazy, disorganized, selfish, clueless, foolish,absent, and uninvolved.  I don’t know what kind of men the rest of you are dealing with out there, but I am grateful that the father of our six children is a stark contrast to the above stereotypes.  He is the polar opposite of all of those things and more.  I couldn’t have asked for a better dad for our kids and I am eternally appreciative of the father and husband he is to us. I wanted to take this opportunity to tell him thank you for all of the big and little things he does for us daily.

Thank you, Anthony,  for giving your everything and more to the kids and I.

He is the ultimate provider, often staying up until the wee hours of the night or starting at the wee hours of the morning to earn our living.  In spite of his busy schedule, he remains very involved with the kids, often texting or steam messaging them throughout the week. It is not unusual for him to try to squeeze in a virtual computer game with them when he is out of town.  His organizational skills when it comes to budgeting and managing our household affairs never cease to amaze me.  He makes every effort to be a part of the kids’ activities, including running 5K’s with them.  He is the kind of dad that sets up a tent in the back yard to go camping for no reason. He also prioritizes making individual time with each of them, including special activities that are unique to each of them (even if it means sending himself to the emergency room for impromptu scooter/hill sessions).  He wants each child to feel special and they all know that for their 16th birthday they will be taking a trip with their dad to anywhere in the world of their choosing (finances permitting).  Most recently our eldest daughter and Anthony went on a trip to Paris, and our next daughter will be going horse back riding in Ireland next summer. Anthony has always been extremely involved in parenting our children.  Whether changing a diaper (or a thousand diapers), or shedding the formalities of what a 40-year-old should behave like and playing tag with the kids at the park, Anthony is the quintessential involved parent.  He is the perfect balance of  fun and discipline.  I thank God every day for giving you to us. Happy Father’s Day!

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