Preserving the Harvest by Liz Porter

Many of you know that we have been attending classes at Lady Slipper Nursery on Saturday mornings.  This Saturday we had the opportunity to attend Preserving the Harvest by Liz Porter of Buckeye Creek Farms.  Liz led a fun, informative class and gave tips for both newbies and veterans alike.  She had excellent suggestions for tools, methods, and resources.  Specific topics discussed were pressure canning versus water bath canning, blanching before freezing, canning additives, and the canning of

meat.  We completely enjoyed our morning and can’t wait to put into use all that we learned.  Thanks, Liz, for all of the information!



Here are some of Liz’s favorite books on canning and preserving:
Put ’em Up!
So Easy To Preserve New & Revised Edition
Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving


If you would like to contact Liz or visit Buckeye Creek Farm:

Buckeye Creek Farm

2115 Jep Wheeler Road

Hickory Flat, GA

by appointment 678-491-5843

Like her Facebook Page for more information and updates!


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