Ana White 4×4 Farmhouse Truss Beam Table

I never thought I would be writing a post about a woodworking project but I am so excited to be enjoying this new hobby!  I have always had a desire to learn woodworking but it seemed too hard and I had no foundation of experiences to build from.  I built a dog house years ago but it was pretty simple and turned out sloppy.

Haven painting the dog house
Haven painting the dog house

I am also extremely busy with my growing family and a demanding career so I assumed if I ever got around to woodworking it would be during my retirement years.

So what changed?  Well, for my birthday my wife gave me a Kreg Jig.  I didn’t even know what it was and when Bethany explained what she wanted me to do with it I felt intimidated and under qualified.  She showed me a table on Ana White’s website and explained that if I could build that table we could save thousands of dollars compared to a similar table she was considering purchasing at Restoration Hardware.  That got my interest. Continue reading Ana White 4×4 Farmhouse Truss Beam Table

Designing Kitchen and Cabinet Layouts

When we first set out to design a custom home we knew the kitchen would be a focal point of the whole design and that the layout and design of the kitchen would receive our highest attention to detail.   One of Bethany’s favorite things to do is prepare meals for our family and experiment with new recipes in the kitchen.  For our family the kitchen has become one of the primary hangouts to talk, play games, and work on school.  We wanted a design that would provide the storage space, convenience, and amenities of a 5-star kitchen but we also wanted the kitchen to be open, spacious, and an extension of the family and dining areas. Continue reading Designing Kitchen and Cabinet Layouts

Be Rich: Volunteering at North Fulton Community Charities

Every year our church does a fundraising campaign called “Be Rich“.  The term “Be Rich” comes from 1 Timothy 6:18 –  “Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.”  Its one of my favorite things our church does each year.  Continue reading Be Rich: Volunteering at North Fulton Community Charities

Test Pits and Soil Tests

My wife and I are capturing the steps involved in building a custom home.  Test pits and soil tests are not the most glamorous or interesting steps to write about but they are both important steps in reducing risks by understanding the reality of the build site.

During the purchase of the land we performed a level 3 soil study and validated that the property could support a septic system for a six bedroom home.  The soil tests showed that we may require a more expensive septic system (one with an aerobic treatment unit) if more suitable soil could not be located on the property. We probably should have dug test pits at that time but we liked the property so much that we knew we would proceed with the purchase regardless of any potential test pit results .  The perc test passed and we were willing to give up a basement if required so we concluded the due diligence process and proceeded with the land purchase.  We decided to postpone test pits until we were closer to the actual build. Continue reading Test Pits and Soil Tests

The Value of a Real Estate Agent

Is hiring a real estate agent worth it?  Doubtless, many people ask this question when venturing to buy or sell a home or piece of property.  One may wonder if he or she wants to pay a real estate commission on top of the loss of equity experienced in the last several years.  One may wonder if he or she would come out ahead on their own.

I would argue vehemently that YES . . . a good real estate agent is worth every penny.

An outstanding real estate agent is worth every penny and more. Continue reading The Value of a Real Estate Agent