Choosing a Roof Color

When it comes to choosing interior colors for our new home, I have little trouble knowing exactly what I want.

Choosing a roof color, however, is trickier!  I definitely know that we want a white house.  But when it comes to the roof, I am lost.  I have been obsessing over shingle samples for several weeks now.  Up close, they all look very similar.  And pictures are not accurate representations of what the shingles look like in person.  Basically, I have narrowed it down to off-black, dark gray, and light gray.  Here are some example inspiration pictures of what I like in each color. 

Please feel free to comment with any preferences that you may have.  Do you prefer the off black, the dark gray, or the lighter gray roof?  Here is a reminder of what our elevations look like.

The three shingles colors we are considering are all from Tamko Heritage:

Rustic Black (Off Black)

Shadow Grey (Dark Gray)

Oxford Grey (Light Gray)

Update – We have narrowed the decision down to either Shadow Grey or Oxford Grey:


Please help us decide by voting in the poll below:

POLL IS CLOSED! We have decided to go with the majority and will be using Shadow Grey for the build.  Below are the results from the poll:


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