We selected a surveyor: TerraMark Land Surveying

When we purchased our lot we were provided with the plat information, elevation information, and other survey type information so I wasn’t sure if we would need a surveyor for our construction project.  After reviewing the requirements specified by the Homeowner’s Association it was clear we were going to need some help to produce the required documentation.  Beyond needing to submit the floor plans, exterior elevations, and examples of the materials we will be using, we also have to submit documentation related to the survey of the land, including:

  • Existing Conditions Survey
  • Site Plan
  • Foundation Survey
  • Sediment/Erosion Control and Re-vegetation Plan
  • Septic Design Plan
  • Landscape and Grading Plan
  • Proposed Construction Management Plan

Our builder highly recommended TerraMark Professional Land Surveying.  We agreed to move forward with TerraMark and I was pleasantly surprised the next time we visited the lot to see that they had already been out working on the survey.  TerraMark will not be completing all of the documentation listed above but they will be providing the Existing Conditions Survey and the Site Plan which will be used by other contractors to complete the other required documents, such as the Septic Plan and the Landscape Plan.

TerraMark may also help us stake out the precise location of the house for construction and/or prepare a Foundation Survey, if required.

It was exciting to see the orange reference point ribbon and marker at the apex of the front hill.  They also marked the corners of the property.  TerraMark will be putting together a CADD 3D rendering of the property based on the elevation measurements made.  Once we have the CADD files of the house design, TerraMark will be able to overlay the house computer model onto the elevation computer model so we can determine an exact best placement for the foundation based on the current flow of the land and other factors.  My understanding is that this information will also be used to create a precise grading plan.  I find the whole thing fascinating and can’t wait to see it all progress towards the final product.

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