Chocolate Quinoa Cake with Lucuma

This is truly a decadent chocolate cake!  The added bonus? It includes yummy, nutritious ingredients such as quinoa, lucuma, and chia seeds.  No one will ever guess that this indulgent dessert is loaded with a dose of wholesomeness, too. We were invited to a pot luck meal last year where everyone was supposed to bring a “healthy dish”.  We brought this chocolate quinoa cake and people gave us grief about not complying with the request for healthy items only.  They were extremely surprised to find out that the cake was made primarily of quinoa and that most of the ingredients are nutritious. Continue reading Chocolate Quinoa Cake with Lucuma

We selected a surveyor: TerraMark Land Surveying

When we purchased our lot we were provided with the plat information, elevation information, and other survey type information so I wasn’t sure if we would need a surveyor for our construction project.  After reviewing the requirements specified by the Homeowner’s Association it was clear we were going to need some help to produce the required documentation.  Beyond needing to submit the floor plans, exterior elevations, and examples of the materials we will be using, we also have to submit documentation related to the survey of the land, including: Continue reading We selected a surveyor: TerraMark Land Surveying