We Have Chosen a Builder! (Portico Custom Homes)

The process of choosing a builder for a custom home project can be a harrowing experience. For us, this was not the case. Two years ago when we were just beginning to seriously think about building a custom home we found the builder we were looking for. We had not even chosen a lot yet when we first reached out to Terence Lewis of Portico Custom Homes.

Two years later … we have selected and purchased a lot as well as come to the final stages of designing our home. Terence has been there all along the way to add helpful insight and caution us on any possible issues. He contributed even when we hadn’t signed a contract with him.

We have had the advice of many to bid the project out to several contractors. After briefly considering this, we have opted NOT to bid it out. We did meet with another builder and spoke with a couple of others on the phone. They were all professional and seemed nice enough, but we ultimately decided to simplify the process and designate Terence as our choice upfront. We have already developed a relationship with Terence and feel extremely comfortable working with him. We have seen his work and are confident that he can deliver both the quality and look we are striving for at a reasonable price. We do not want to waste the time of other builders when we know we would almost certainly end up choosing Terence regardless. We like Terence a lot, and more importantly, we trust him.

How did we find Terence to begin with? We discovered him as a member of Southern Living’s Custom Builder Program. We immediately clicked with him at our very first meeting. He showed great patience even though our first meeting involved all five of our children (including a demanding infant). He was personable and down-to-earth from the start. We appreciated that he took the time to answer all of our many questions that come from being naive first-time home builders.

In short, if you or anyone you know is considering building a custom home or remodeling a current one, it would be worth your time to give Terence a call. At the very least you’ll meet a building professional with integrity who also happens to be a really nice guy!

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