Blueberry Harvest!

I was hanging out in the back yard with our youngest daughter (Harvest) yesterday and decided I would go check on the blueberries since I knew it wouldn’t be long until they were ripe and ready to eat.  I was so excited to see the branches weighed down to the ground with dark, plump blueberries!  I ran inside and grabbed some bowls and worked for a long time with Bethany to harvest as many of the ripe blueberries as we could before sunset.  I would say Harvest helped us except she would eat all of her berries every time she reached about 20 in her bowl.

We planted eight blueberry bushes about five years ago and this was the best yield so far.  We filled a huge bowl before we stopped gathering and we will easily fill it two or three more times with what is left unharvested on the bushes.  We will definitely plant blueberry bushes on the new property.  We have never had to trim them, fertilize them, or do anything special to end up with such a bountiful harvest.  I can’t imagine what the blueberry harvest would be like if we actually knew what we were doing :-)

If you have any good recipes for blueberries please let us know!


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