Blueberry Cobbler with Flax and Chia

We planted blueberry bushes in the backyard several years ago and are so thankful we did!  Around late June or early July each year we enjoy watching the berries ripen on the bushes and seeing the shear weight of the berries pull each branch out and down toward the ground. This Blueberry Cobbler with Flax and Chia recipe is beyond simple and makes great use of all of the blueberries weighing down those bushes outside.  Continue reading Blueberry Cobbler with Flax and Chia

globalx trip to San Salvador, El Salvador PICTURES!

Thanks to everyone that supported Mannah with donations and prayers!  She was able to raise all of the money needed for the globalX trip to San Salvador and the departure date has finally arrived! I dropped Mannah off at the Atlanta airport this morning at 7:00 for her trip to El Salvador!  I am so excited to hear about her trip and see some pictures.  I only have pictures from this morning at the airport so far but I will upload more pictures soon.  Please continue praying for Mannah and her team that they will have a safe trip and that they will be used by God in a mighty way. Continue reading globalx trip to San Salvador, El Salvador PICTURES!

We Have Chosen a Builder! (Portico Custom Homes)

The process of choosing a builder for a custom home project can be a harrowing experience. For us, this was not the case. Two years ago when we were just beginning to seriously think about building a custom home we found the builder we were looking for. We had not even chosen a lot yet when we first reached out to Terence Lewis of Portico Custom Homes. Continue reading We Have Chosen a Builder! (Portico Custom Homes)

Ultrasound…it’s a boy!

We had an ultrasound a few weeks back and the technician said she was pretty sure we are having a boy but today she confirmed that November’s blessing will definitely be a boy.  We decided to bring all of the kids with us to the appointment so they could be part of the experience.  I’m so glad we did!  They were perfectly behaved and we all got to see his little arms and legs, his alien shaped face, and most importantly, his beating heart.  We were able to listen to the baby’s 135 beats per minute heart and watch as the technician pointed out each of the 4 chambers.  Everything checked out and all signs are that the baby is healthy and growing well.  Please keep Bethany and the baby in your prayers.  Bethany still has 5 months to go so your prayers are appreciated. Continue reading Ultrasound…it’s a boy!

Blueberry Harvest!

I was hanging out in the back yard with our youngest daughter (Harvest) yesterday and decided I would go check on the blueberries since I knew it wouldn’t be long until they were ripe and ready to eat.  I was so excited to see the branches weighed down to the ground with dark, plump blueberries!  I ran inside and grabbed some bowls and worked for a long time with Bethany to harvest as many of the ripe blueberries as we could before sunset.  I would say Harvest helped us except she would eat all of her berries every time she reached about 20 in her bowl. Continue reading Blueberry Harvest!