Cherokee Tribune – Front Page Story Mother’s Day 2013

I was so proud of Bethany this Mother’s Day…not that I’m not always proud of her but this Mother’s Day she received a special honor. Bethany was featured on the front page of the Cherokee Tribune newspaper in an article titled “Motherhood is ultimate responsibility, mom says”.  The article is still available online at this link:–mom-says.  Bethany was recommended for the article by the real-estate agent that helped us purchase our land and who is also in the process of helping us sell our current home.  The article is based on a five minute conversation she had with a reporter from the Cherokee Tribune and is brief and to the point but overall did a good job of describing Bethany and our family.  I thought it was cool that the Cherokee Tribune thought to do an article like this.  Moms so frequently perform the hardest job on the planet day after day with no recognition from anyone.  I really enjoyed seeing my wife honored this way and hope it helped her to know how much who she is and what she does is appreciated!

Cherokee Tribune


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