Organized Baking Station

Milling your own flour is not much more time consuming than scooping a cup out of a store bought bag of flour IF you have everything you need organized and ready to go each time you need flour for a recipe.  You can learn all about milling your own grain HERE but if you would like to streamline the milling process as well as other baking activities you need to have an organized baking station first.  I have tried many approaches and through trial and error I have come up with an organized baking station that works perfectly for me.  It enables me to prepare bread dough for the bread machine in less than 5 minutes.

In one cabinet I have all of the grains, measuring cups, and essential baking elements like Lecithin, Gluten, Aluminum-Free Baking Powder, Aluminum-Free Baking Soda, and Real Sea Salt:

Organized Grain Cabinet

In the other cabinet I have all of the sugar alternatives as well as the liquid baking essentials including Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Black Strap Molasses, and locally grown raw honey:

Baking Station

Whether I’m making a loaf of bread, mixing up a batch of whole wheat muffins, or experimenting with a new recipe, my organized baking station helps make nearly everything I do in the kitchen faster and easier.

If you get inspired by my organized baking station and set up one in your own kitchen please leave me a reply and share a link to the picture with me.  If you have come up with an even better method to being organized in the kitchen please leave a reply and let me know.  Thanks! Bethany

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