Square Foot Gardening in Georgia

I have been gardening for many years now but I distinctly remember my first experience gardening. I always suspected I would enjoy gardening but at that time I had no hands on experience and felt extremely intimidated. I happened across a book called Square Foot Gardening. This one book turned me into a successful gardener that very first growing season! Continue reading Square Foot Gardening in Georgia

Martin Luther – The movie, some background and the 95 Theses

Last night I watched the movie Luther with my family.  I knew a little of the history of Martin Luther prior to watching, but the movie helped set the historical context  and exposed many more of the issues that were going on in the church and in politics at that time.  I was also amazed to learn that Luther translated the Bible into German by himself because he wanted people to have direct access to the scriptures in their native language.  After watching the movie I wondered what was in the 95 Theses that ticked the Catholic church off so bad and unraveled that part of the world in such a way that over 100,000 people died in the Peasant’s War.  I always thought what upset the Catholic church the most was the loss in revenue they received when people no longer placed value on indulgences, but the movie and Wikipedia seem to support that the Catholic church was equally bothered by Luther providing people with personal access to a Bible they could understand and for the theological claims he made about grace and relationship with Christ. Continue reading Martin Luther – The movie, some background and the 95 Theses