Global Fast: Money for dinner!

Well, we just fasted dinner and everyone is still alive ?

Below are some pictures from our “meal”. We called the kids up for “dinner” tonight and sitting on the table were dishes filled with money representing the money we usually spend on dinner.

Instead of eating we read and discussed Isaiah 58 and then we discussed Live58’s mission.  We explained what extreme poverty is, we talked about malaria and mosquitoes, and we asked who would like to participate in the Live58 Global fast.  We explained to the kids that they could eat food if they wanted to but if they would like to participate in the fast by skipping dinner then they would be helping to provide kids in Thailand with mosquito nets and medicine to protect them from Malaria. global fast: Money for dinner!

I thought this approach went over really well and felt like the dinner made an impression on all of our hearts…not just the kids. We were able to make our first donation to Live58 from the money saved!

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