God’s Global Purposes – A message for “good” Christians

I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s message at North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, GA but more importantly, I realized that the intended audience was people like me….people that have been so focused on God’s personal and moral law that we have been distracted from understanding and participating in God’s global purposes.  The message is a call to “good Christians”….great, you are living right….but what about the Ninevites?

Recording of the White Flag sermon – links directly to Part 3

I have embedded the video above from Northpointonline.tv  If you don’t see it then the link is no longer valid…your best bet will be to go to http://www.northpoint.org/messages and look for the White Flag Series.  It’s worth your time…I highly recommend the whole series but I was particularly impacted by part 3.

Blessings, Anthony

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