What Is Our “Christian” Responsibility to Haiti?

A woman rescued from the rubble in Haiti

When you first heard about the recent calamity in Haiti, what was your initial response? Was it sadness, depression, pity, compassion, or grief? How long did that emotion stay with you?

As you continue to hear about the chaos and depravity in Haiti, has it already become old news to you? Do you change the station for the promise of a possible new tragedy or celebrity mishap to offer you some sort of entertainment? Do you hear the fundraisers and pleas for resources and quickly dismiss them because you think that someone wealthier or more powerful than you is in more of a position to help?

Most of us have a natural tendency to assume some one else will take care of it. But, as Christians, those “someone elses” are supposed to be US!  Reflect with me on the following: Continue reading What Is Our “Christian” Responsibility to Haiti?